The House of Nowhere offers a variety of experiences that will give you a sense of quiet and seasonal change.

どこにもない家利き茶体験 どこにもない家利き茶体験 どこにもない家利き茶体験

Tea-tasting Experience[all year]

Kakegawa is one of the most famous places for tea.
Various tea plantations are on the way from the station to our guesthouse.
During the season, you can enjoy the bright color of green and the fragrance of tea from tea factories.
For this experience, we prepare three kinds of seasonal tea leafs, which we chose directly from the neighborhood tea farmer.
Please enjoy their delicate taste of green tea which differs by kind.

どこにもない家農体験 どこにもない家農体験 どこにもない家農体験 どこにもない家農体験

Agricultural Experience[depending on the season]

Behind the guesthouse is a farm, where the owner grows vegetables for the purpose of self-sufficient agriculture.
In our normal, daily lives, we don’t have much opportunity to touch “soil”.
However, it is thanks to the nature and land that we can live our lives.
Touching the land directly miraculouslymakes us feel calm and thankful.

Though the farm hasn’t completed yet, please enjoy seedling and harvesting depending on the season.

野菜 野菜
どこにもない家瞑想体験 どこにもない家瞑想体験 どこにもない家瞑想体験

Meditation Experience[all year]

Meditation recently attracts attention from many people all over the world as part of the “Mindfulness” practice.
It’s even introduced to businesses as it leads to increase work efficiency.
At our guesthouse, you can experience a silent solo meditation while listening to the sound of nature. The dimness and silence of the old house is the best environment for meditation.
Please forget your daily life for a while and relax.

どこにもない家写経体験 どこにもない家写経体験 どこにもない家写経体験

Shakyo* Experience[all year]*transcribing sutra

An experience to write traditional Japanese characters with a traditional brush while being absorbed in our quiet space.
White papers and black inks.
You’ll feel relaxed and calm as you produce the contrast between light and shade with your own hands.

どこにもない家テントサウナ どこにもない家テントサウナ どこにもない家テントサウナ どこにもない家テントサウナ

Tent sauna[all year]

The good thing about the tent sauna is that you can enjoy it privately with your friends. Facing in a dim tent deepens mysterious conversations.
The firewood burning in the stove occasionally crackles, and the sound is also pleasant.
Green tea from Kakegawa is used for Laureu. When you put green tea on the stove, the refreshing aroma of tea spreads throughout the tent.
After warming up in the sauna, you can refresh yourself in the shower or the water bath in the rock bath. Please enjoy the sauna that can only be enjoyed here.

どこにもない家猫体験 どこにもない家猫体験 どこにもない家猫体験 どこにもない家猫体験

Cats Experience[depending on cats’ feelings]

Two cats “Ume” and “Bun” are in our guesthouse.
Their names were taken from the trees “Ume (plum)” and “Buntan (shaddock)” on the farm at the back of our house.
You can touch them if they are in a good mood.
We prepare more various seasonal experiences besides the above.
Please make inquiries when you make the reservation.